I have a compulsory need to create, to use physically demanding processes that take time and attention. The body plays an important role in my art, whether physically present in some degree of completion, or represented through its laborious creation or the final implied or actual function. My slow and deliberate creation is in opposition of the mass-produced, rapidly assembled, digitization of the western culture that surrounds me. My choice of majorly natural materials is in response to the rapidly growing climate crisis and my rejection of synthetic materials.

I stubbornly create using antiquated techniques that require great energy and time, imbuing each step with love, devotion, and deliberate movements to inject a power into the objects. My completed objects seek out a visceral and emotional response - they call to the viewer. Each object engages in a dialogue with the viewers memory of past experiences to trigger an emotional response. Discomfort and comfort presented to the viewer hopefully disrupts the viewers mind enough to confront their emotional reactions and allows them an opportunity to reflect on how they participate, or are subjected to, the emotional responses presented.